Me: “Classity, classsss!”

Students: Yessity, yesss!”

Does that sound familiar? 🙂 That is definitely my go-to call and response that I use to get my students’ attention. It’s simple, but so effective. If you’re familiar with whole brain teaching, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

31 Call and Response Attention Getters

I’ve used the same call and response attention getters in my classroom for years, but I’ve learned so many fun new ones over the last few years…so I thought I’d share them with you!

Oh! And before I share these call and response ideas with you, I do want to quickly share these two attention getters that do not require my voice. I absolutely love them and have used them my entire teaching career. You can click here to read about those.

But, if you’re wanting to switch up your call and response routine, or just looking to add some novelty to this routine, check out these fun call and response attention getters below:

  1. Teacher: Class, class. Students: Yes, yes. *You can vary your tone and volume when saying “class class”. Students must match that tone/volume when they respond. For example: I may say “CLASS CLASS” in a deep voice, so they would say “YES YES” in that same deep voice. Or, I might say “Ohh Classity Classsss!” in a silly, high-pitched voice and my students would response…”Ohhh Yessity Yessssss!” in that same silly, high-pitched tone.
  2. Teacher: I’m ready to talk. Students: I’m ready to listen.
  3. Teacher: If you can hear me, put your hand on your head. (make sure you’re doing the movement as well) If you can hear me, put your hands on your shoulder. (wait for students to put their hands on their shoulder) If you can hear me, put your hands on your elbow. If you can hear me, open up your math journal. If you can hear me, take out your pencil, etc.
  4. Teacher: I’m ready to teach. Students: I’m ready to learn.
  5. Teacher: Hocus Pocus. Students: Everybody focus.
  6. Teacher: Macaroni and Cheese Students: Everybody Freeze
  7. Teacher: One, two, three, eyes on me. Students: One, two, eyes on you!
  8. Teacher: 5,4,3,2,1 (stated quickly). Students: We were talking, now we’re done.
  9. Teacher: Flat tire! Students: Shhhhhh.
  10. Teacher: Hear ye, Hear ye. Students: All hail the queen!
  11. Teacher: Waterfall, waterfall. Students: Shhhhhhh (hands waving down like a waterfall)
  12. Teacher: All set. Students: You bet.
  13. Teacher: If you can hear me, take a quiet breath. Students: inhaling and exhaling *Repeat up to three times
  14. Teacher: If you can hear me, take a deep breath. Students: *Take a deep breath
  15. Teacher: Shark bait. Students: Oh ah ah! (from Finding Nemo)
  16. Teacher: Zip, zip, zap. Students: We’re all that!
  17. Teacher: Tootsie, roll, lollipop. Students: We were talking, now we’ll stop.
  18. Teacher: Alright, stop! Students: Collaborate and listen!
  19. Teacher: Holy moly. Students: Guacamole!
  20. Teacher: Are you ready, kids? Students: Aye Aye, Captain!
  21. Teacher: L-I-S Students: T-E-N. Listen *CLAP CLAP* Listen! *CLAP*
  22. Teacher: Ready to Rock? Students: Ready to Roll!
  23. Teacher: To infinity. Students: And beyond!
  24. Teacher: 2nd Graders! (you say your grade level) Students: Unite! *while punching the air
  25. Teacher: Goodness gracious. Students: Great balls of fire!
  26. Teacher: Peanut butter. Students: Jelly time!
  27. Teacher: Hands on top. Students: Everybody stop! *students put both hands on their head* (I tell my students to make sure nothing is in their hand-no pencils, no erasers, etc.)
  28. Teacher: Voices off in 5,4,3,2,1. *I show them the countdown with my fingers* Students: They raise their hands and countdown on their fingers.
  29. Teacher: And a hush fell across the room! Students: Shhhhh!
  30. Teacher: When I get to zero, I need the room to be completely quiet. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… Students: *Students will have their eyes on you and their mouths closed*
  31. Teacher: Wake me up! Students: Before you go, go.

Are there some on this list that you use daily? What’s your favorite?

What are some call and response attention getters that you use but aren’t on this list? Comment below. I’d love to add them!