Helloooo and HOLYYYY MOLYYYY because it’s been a CRAZY long time since I’ve blogged!

I’m talking a couple of years.

Kind of embarrassed to admit it ha!

BUT I did have two children in the process so I’m using that as my excuse!

Here’s a picture of them <3 <3 <3 Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?!!

Okay so anyways, I’ve been creating resources for my classroom like a crazy person because I switched grade levels and needed new resources {I switched from 2nd to 3rd}. I’m going to share one with you today that you’ll be able to start using in your classroom right away because it’s NO PREP  #hallelujah

There’s also a FREEBIE down at the bottom of this post!

I use the Guided Math framework in my classroom, so my students are moving through 3 different rotations during my 1 hour math block.  One of my rotations is normally an Independent Work station. I LOVE having my students completing an engaging, hands-on activity that they can do INDEPENDENTLY,  so that I can focus on my small group and they can work on mastering that particular concept.

I use Math Sorts for this ALL THE TIME.

It involves NO PREP on my part. And the kids love it because it’s interactive and hands-on.

It just makes my Math Workshop run so smoothly and it’s one less thing I have to think about.

Praise the Lord.

I just finished up a Math Sorts & Cut and Paste Matching Activity Set for my Place Value Unit. I created them for my 3rd grade classroom but they’d also work for your higher 2nd graders and for review or intervention in a 4th grade classroom.

Here are a few pages from the pack.



If you want to try out a couple of these pages, go ahead and click HERE to download a freebie!

If you’re interested in the whole pack (31 Sorts and Printables) you can grab those HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stay tuned for more 3rd Grade Math Skills! I’ll be working on sorts for 3 and 4 digit addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication next!