Morning! So I went on another run, although it was super difficult to get out of bed this morning. I actually couldn’t finish my run….I got some sort of heat rash all down my legs (not fun!). Now all I want to do is go back to bed, but I’m too excited to share with you my 6 Traits Writing Board!

Have you used 6 Traits in your classroom?

Last year was my first year using it in my classroom, and I absolutely loved it! I’t s not a writing workshop program. It’s meant to be integrated into your writing workshop. Once you have your writing workshop set up, the 6 Traits will now be your mini lessons.

The six traits are… Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Conventions (grammar and punctuation), Voice, and Sentence Fluency.  I’ve created posters to put up in your classroom that provides statements of what each trait means. I’ve also created strategy cards to go with each trait.

So as you teach each strategy or mini lesson, you will put that strategy card right under the poster (the trait)..similar to how the CAFE board by the 2 sisters works.

{This is the older version of my six traits board that you’ll see floating around internet land..I was a beginner TPT’er when I created this board}
{This is the updated version}

There are also a ton of resources out there on the 6 traits! But I’m really excited about this board because it will give our students a great visual and reminder about what they have learned and what they need to continue to include in their writing. 

Because listen….real talk….we teach our mini lessons, then pray to Jesus and HOPE that our students remember what we’ve taught them and ACTUALLY APPLY what they’ve learned.. but do they REALLY remember what just came out of our mouth? Do WE even remember? HA!! Just kidding. Well, only sort of kidding because #hotmessexpress 🙂 

With the 6 traits writing board, they are constantly reminded of the tips and tricks that they need to work on in their writing because its on a wall or bulletin board in our classrooms! Thank the Lord for visuals and anchor charts y’all. 

So…if you are like, “Yes Nesli, I need these 6 traits posters and strategy cards!” then go ahead and grab it right HERE 🙂 

Also..if there are any other strategies (mini lessons) that you would like to use that aren’t already in the pack, I’ve included an EDITABLE file for you, too! Always trying to help a sister or brother out. 
I hope this helps! 

Have you used the 6 Traits program in your classroom? What resources did you use?

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