1st Grade

  • Math Rotations: My BEST Tips for Guided Math Rotations!

    Inside this blog post, I am sharing my best tips for running guided math rotations, so that you can launch this simple and effective routine in your own classroom! “WHAT? Awwwwwwww man! Noooooo. Mrs. Morieeeeeeeeee.” This is the response I got from my students when I told them we wouldn’t be doing math rotations today. […]


  • 25 Must-Do End of the Year Activities {and a FREEBIE}

    I came home from school yesterday and cried.  And not because the end of the year is so overwhelming, busy, and exhausting…{although that may be where part of the tears are coming from. JK! #AmIJustKiddingThough??} But because I’m going to miss my kids SO much.  For 180 school days, 23 of my third grade students […]