Classroom Management

  • 31 Fun Call and Response Attention Getters to Use in the Classroom


    Me: “Classity, classsss!” Students: Yessity, yesss!” Does that sound familiar? 🙂 That is definitely my go-to call and response that I use to get my students’ attention. It’s simple, but so effective. If you’re familiar with whole brain teaching, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 31 Call and Response Attention Getters I’ve used […]


  • Math Rotations: My BEST Tips for Guided Math Rotations!

    Inside this blog post, I am sharing my best tips for running guided math rotations, so that you can launch this simple and effective routine in your own classroom! “WHAT? Awwwwwwww man! Noooooo. Mrs. Morieeeeeeeeee.” This is the response I got from my students when I told them we wouldn’t be doing math rotations today. […]


  • 10 Tips to Build Positive Relationships with Students

    Strategies to build relationships with students

    I know you’ve heard this. “Building positive student-teacher relationships” is a phrase we always hear in education. We hear it from professional development, our administration, and colleagues. But if you are anything like me at the beginning of each school year (especially when I was a new teacher!), you are probably left wondering at times: […]