Place Value

  • 3rd Grade Math and a FREEBIE!

    Helloooo and HOLYYYY MOLYYYY because it’s been a CRAZY long time since I’ve blogged! I’m talking a couple of years. Kind of embarrassed to admit it ha! BUT I did have two children in the process so I’m using that as my excuse! Here’s a picture of them <3 <3 <3 Aren’t they so stinkin’ […]


  • More Common Core Activities for Place Value

    Hi y’all! Happy Sunday! I have another place value activity for you to add to your Place Value and Number Sense math unit! The last place value activity I posted was for Skip Counting, Odd and Even, and Reading and Writing Numbers up to 1,000. You can read about those here. Last week my class […]


  • Common Core Matching Activities

    I’m so excited about my place value/number sense matching activities pack! I literally just finished this baby and uploaded her to TPT! I will be printing these out early Monday morning and sharing them with my precious 2nd graders! I know they will love them because they love cutting, matching, and glueing! Since I do […]