Hi Ya’ll!

Second post in a week! I’m already sticking to my promises of blogging more! Woohooo!

So I told you I would update you about how my fractions unit is going inside my classroom! My kids are loving it! Yesterday, groups of my kiddos played Fraction Tic Tac Toe 4 in a Row with a parent and apparently it was a hit!

It was time for recess, but it was raining so we had indoor recess…and guess what….Yes, my students wanted to keep playing the Fractions Game! The best part was that I played it with them, and EVEN I had a blast! You have to admit…we are all kids at heart and still love to play games, too!

Well, I”m off to catch up on the Bachelor! I can’t wait for the Season Finale!  I just want to know who Sean picks..eeeeek!!! I’m hoping its Catherine! What about you???

Oh and American Idol comes on tonight! What a great Wednesday!

Have a great night!

<3 Nesli