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Okay teacher friend. It’s finally here. And I’m so excited!

I’ve had this resource collecting dust on my computer for years now. I’ve been using this strategy in my classroom for the last few years, but haven’t had the energy or time (teacher life + mom life is exhausting, am I right?) to put it all together so that it’s ready to go for busy teachers like you!

Well, it’s finally finished and I finally get to unveil it to you!

Did you know I have a FREE downloadable reading response menu board that you can print now and use in your classroom today? Grab it below.

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    Why are reading response journals important?

    Here’s the thing:

    We know as teachers that it’s extremely important for our students to reflect on their reading and talk about their reading…because it allows our students to deepen and expand their understanding of the texts they read.

    So I needed an organized and simple way to make sure my students were being exposed to opportunities to read, think, reflect, and respond to their reading. 

    That’s why I’ve always used Reading Response Journals and Prompts during my literacy block, reading workshop, whatever you call your dedicated reading time. 

    reading response journal questions

    Reading Response Journal Prompts + Menu Board Set Includes:

    Keep reading to see all the different components of the reading response journal I’ve been using in my classroom!

    1 | 13 Different Reading Response Journal Menu

    In this reading response journal set, I’ve included 13 different reading response menus. Each board includes 7 fiction prompts and 2 non-fiction prompts


    2 | Journal Prompt Strips

    Once my students choose a journal response prompt from the menu board, they will also grab the corresponding strip and glue it into their journal (as shown in the picture above).

    3 |  Reading Log for Independent Reading Books

    I have my students keep track of the books that they read throughout the school year (and which books they have abandoned) on a reading log.

    reading response journal questions free prompts

    4 | Rubric for Reading Response Journal Entries

    I feel that it’s important for my students to always see what is expected of them, so having the rubric available to them allows them to know exactly what they need to do and how to do it, in order to complete their journals with success. And of course, it’s a great tool that helps us, as teachers, monitor our student’s progress and assess their performance.

    rubric for reading response journal
    reading response journals set up

    5 | Guidelines + Expectations Sheet for Reading Journal

    The guidelines and expectations sheet simply shows the students how to complete a reading response (write the date, title, pages read, etc.) This is one of the editable files in this resource, so if you have different expectations for your how your students complete their reading responses, you can easily modify that (Please Note: You must have PowerPoint to edit the file).

    how to set up reading response journals

    Reading Response Journals have Transformed my Reading Block

    These Reading Response Menus have taken my reading block from…

    1. “Am I even creating strong readers and deep thinkers during reading time?”

    2. “Gosh, my students are constantly reading without a purpose, and I’m wasting so much instructional time, but I don’t know how to help them become strong readers and thinkers without completely overwhelming myself!”

    3. “How do I even know if my students are actually reading during independent reading time???”  


    1. “My students are becoming stronger readers, thinkers, and are deepening their understanding of the books they’re reading!”

    2. “And now I have this consistent routine during reading workshop! YES!”

    3. “They’re holding themselves accountable and I feel confident knowing they are actually reading and reflecting on their reading while I’m running my guided reading groups with other students.”

    Free Reading Response Journal Prompts

    Do you use reading response journals in your classroom? If not, you’ll LOVE this routine. And if you’re in need of some new response questions or prompts for your students to work on during independent reading time, download one of the menus from my Reading Response Journal Prompts Set for FREE!

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    FREE Reading Response Menu

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      free reading response journal prompts

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