Morning! Wow! I just went on a 3 mile run…that’s good for me! I’m trying to get into this whole running thing (cardio is not my thing). I want to be able to run a half marathon sometime in the near future. I’m so glad I had my running buddy, Samantha, to keep me motivated on the run! I will actually be meeting her in a few minutes at Barnes and Nobles to look at Wedding Magazines and to see if they have the Big Wedding Binder/Organizer! I am SO EXCITED! Let the wedding planning begin….

Before I go, I wanted to share with you My Touch Math Money Student Booklet that I made. Have you tried Touch Math Money in your classroom? I used it with my lower third graders this past year, and boy did it work! It was so exciting to see them understand and be confident about counting money! So trust me, it works!

Here are some pictures of my book and how touch math money works! Click here to grab this book!

Here is the page for the penny. Notice there is a line under the penny, which represents “1”. When students see a penny, they put a line under to know that they will count that as “1”. 

Here is the page for the nickel. Notice on the nickel there is one dot. Each dot stands for “5”. So whenever students see a nickel, they put a dot right in the center to represent “5”. So if they have a collection of 5 nickels, students would put a dot on each nickel, then as they “touched” each nickel where the dot is, they would count by fives! Easy Peasy!

Here is the page for the dime. Similar to the nickel, except the dime has 2 dots (one on top, one on the bottom), so the students would touch the dime twice and still count by 5s, since each dot is worth 5. 

And lastly, here is the page for the quarter. You have probably caught on to the pattern! 🙂 The quarter has 5 dots, which equals out to “25”. So when the students see a quarter, they draw 5 dots (as shown in the book) and as they touch each dot, they count by fives. 

This book also includes some practice pages!  Click here to grab this book from my TPT store! It’s on sale now!
Well, that’s all for now! Off to Barnes and Noble to buy wedding magazines! Have a blessed day!