How many of you have created long lists of summer projects for the upcoming school year? I know I have! Every year, I always make SUPER LONG lists of things I want to get done for the next school year…but does that list ever get completed? Hmmm, I know mine doesn’t. 🙂  As teachers, I know we ALWAYS have long lists of things to do… It’s just never ending! Hey! That’s the life of a teacher!

Well, here is ONE thing I’ve created that was on my summer project list! You can grab this from my TPT store.

This is a Word of the Day activity pack that I created to help my students increase their vocabulary knowledge. We know that children become better readers when they understand what words mean! This will be my morning work, but could also be used in small group or whole group vocabulary lessons.

The students will read the vocabulary word/definition, then will write that word three times in their BEST handwriting (I’m a stickler for neat handwriting), create an illustration that describes the word, read the given sentence then fill in the blank with the vocab. word. Then students will form their own sentence using the vocabulary word.

The students learn one word each day, then take a quiz on all four words on Friday! This pack will last you through the first quarter (nine weeks). Look for Quarter 2! It’s coming soon!  Click here to grab this Word of the Day activity!