Good Morning! Can you believe I was up at 6:30 am…yes, A.M.. I mean I know it’s summer break and all but yesterday I slept in until noon and felt bad about it so I decided to get up early and be productive this morning.  And by productive, I mean watching True Blood and looking at wedding stuff on Pinterest! 🙂
Well, I FINALLY finished my Place Value Centers Pack. I’m not sure why it’s taking me so long to finish this, but it’s done! It’s a 124 page Pirate Themed Place Value Pack with 11 activities to use in your math centers. I use Guided Math Groups in my classroom, so these will be a part of my Guided Math Rotations.  
Do you use Guided Math?

The activities in this pack include:
* Place Value Puzzle with Recording Sheet
* Place Value Bingo 
* Race the Ship Place Value Game (I love this one)
* Pirates, Treasures, and Place Value (cute game!)
* Place Value Pictures (students will create pictures using base ten blocks and determine the value–inspired by Marilyn Burns)
*  Race to 100
* Place Value Word Wall Cards
* What’s My Mystery Exercise Activities (integrate health and fitness!)
* Place Value Tic Tac Toe (3 different versions)

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